Screenwriting on the Ipad

April 22, 2010

If your a screenwriter and a proud owner of an Ipad, you’ll find that there is already several screenwriter apps you can download from the app store.  Now I haven’t had a chance to download any app yet. For one thing I like using movie magic screenwriting software for my Mac, second I find that writing on the Ipad can be a little difficult. Maybe because I’m not use to writing on the Ipad yet. It is an adjustment compared with writing on a regular Mac. But you can solve that problem by  buying a wireless keyboard.  I have to say these apps are great if your trying save money on screenwriting software. Some screenwriting software can run up to over $200.00!  These days that would put a dent in any starving artists wallet.  So if your deciding which screenwriting app to get, buy Iscreenwriter. It’s only $4.99 and if you own Final Draft, you can transfer all your files wirelessly.  I hope Move Magic comes out with an app!


One Response to “Screenwriting on the Ipad”

  1. Willa Says:

    Just bought iscreenwriter for my Ipad.
    After a day of quirks I have it working.
    I am eager to import my script from my Final Draft.

    Sometimes feel really like an idiot with such straight forward actions.
    Can you email me back simple directions to do so?
    Sorry to suck up your time with such a simplistic task.LOL
    If you have not the time, no worries.
    Thanks Willa

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